This is a weekly newsletter on digital economics and responsible AI with a focus on innovation. It presents a unique perspective from a Canada-based research economist, development economist and AI scientist who has also presented to people from some of the top technology companies in Silicon Valley and policy makers around the world.

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Who is Kweku?

I am an economist and AI scientist. You can read more about me here.

I am a economist, researcher and AI scientist. I enjoy teaching nearly as much as doing research.

My research interests and expertise are in AI, economics in general and development economics in particular. The promise of making the world a better place is being realized in new ways, from AI to the metaverse. All organizations—from firms and governments to the economics profession—have new opportunities to be more effective and reimagine who they are.

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The name of the Newsletter combines “Responsible AI” (referring to the idea that AI should be focused on social impact) with “Lab” (in the economics sense of the word, meaning a hub where ideas are always rigorously tested). The logo represents a screen “thinking” about (hopefully!) making the world better off.

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Kweku Opoku-Agyemang

Economist. @DeveconX @mldoing @The_IGC @ResponsibleLab Former @cornell_tech @AfogBerkeley @CEGA_UC Economics, Development, Causality, Statistics, AI. All views are my own.